Host an Exchange Student

Make an American Dream come true!

For the past year, Julie and I have had the honor and privilege of hosting a student from Germany. It has truly been a life changing experience! During the past year, we have decided to team up with Aspect Foundation and help place students in warm, caring host families. We would love to share this opportunity with you as well. Host families can be married or single adults (25+), with or without children, who are willing to provide meals and a loving home for one or two students. Students spend a semester or academic year living with a volunteer host family and attending the local high school. Most high schools in the area do prefer studnets to stay for the entire year as opposed to semester, however this does vary. Also, it is important to note that students are required to pass a certain level of english proficiency, are fully insured, and have their own spending money. If you are interested in joining us in this adventure and to help a student's American Dream come true, please call 763-856-8506 to learn more. Aspect Foundation is a non-profit student exchange organization which sponsors students from more than 50 countries worldwide.